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Adult Devotionals

Their Journey

Written and narrated by Sandra J. Flagstad

Their Journey describes the various challenges that one faces in life such as loss, loneliness and lack, and how God’s faithfulness covers us in whatever difficulty comes to our doorstep. Some characters are biblical; others are the “John Doe’s” of the world — like you and me. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will forever know that you are not alone in your Journey, for God is not afar, but is ever at hand.


Anna, a Story of Hope

Tired of waiting for that deep-seated desire to materialize? Anna was too…in fact, she waited her whole life. But God’s timing was right on the money!

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Burden Bearer

How foolish to carry burdens in life that the Lord never meant us to. God’s “shoulders” are wide enough to carry any concern we will ever have.

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Change? Oh, no! I hate change! Yeah, but sometimes it’s necessary if God is going to accomplish the purpose He has for us. Remember, God’s direction for us is a lot better than ours!

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Faith Stress

Somewhere in life’s Journey, we will have to dig deep to choose a God-like Faith, or relegate it to the bin of unimportance. If we opt for the former, we will never be disappointed.

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In His Presence

Why is it so easy to allow the distractions and noisome problems of daily life to blur our Journey with the Lord?

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Moriah – The Test

Somewhere along your Path, God will present to you a Test, to determine your ultimate allegiance to Him. Will you pass it?

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Simon’s Story

All of us have “night seasons” in our life. The Apostle Peter had a few, to say the least! But God didn’t “throw him out with the bath water!” That should give us some hope, too!

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God loves to hear our praise…even from His ordinary creatures!

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The Artisan

Wouldn’t it be the capstone of life to know that something you did was worthwhile for the Lord, His kingdom, and eternity; just to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

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The Touch

There are times when every one of us is confronted with circumstances that compel us to exercise “The reach of your life!” –looking for God’s intervention and His total victory in a very hopeless situation.

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The Traveler

The Valley is not always a place of hardship and tears. Indeed, it also is a place of victory and a deep-seated awareness of the One who knows the Way we take.

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Trust Walk

Abraham’s wife, Sarah, had a Trust Walk that probably you and I will never understand, much less experience. But somewhere in Life, we all will long to know a hope to quiet our searching heart for answers that seem to be too long in coming.

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