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Chatty Chipmunk Meets
Mrs. Gotrocks


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Duration 28:38

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Written and narrated by Sandra J. Flagstad

Chatty doesn’t seem to stay out of trouble very long. As a matter of fact, his spurt of disobedience seems to be ever at his heels, and he always pays a very dear price for it. This time, his nosiness and bad temper gets him into a predicament that even lands him in jail!

Find out how Chatty learns that in life, things go a lot better when you mind your own business, control your temper, and even learn to forgive those people who have done you wrong. Yikes! A lot of lessons to learn for a little chipmunk who just wants exciting adventures in his world, all lived out in the vegetable gardens and strawberry patch of the sprawling backyard of Farmer Shoestring.


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Mrs. Gotrocks”